Top 10 Players

1. Invictus
Level: 503661

2. Evil Dan
Level: 502505

3. Oblivion Devil
Level: 488045

4. Princess Arkadia
Level: 487751

5. Knightwalker
Level: 486141

6. Dobler
Level: 485713

7. Mr Don Grizzly
Level: 482629

8. Rukia Kuchiki
Level: 469610

9. Oblivion Knight
Level: 468337

10. Wideronkon Sagon
Level: 463211

Most powerful guilds

Easy Kills

1100 kills

Dream Team

885 kills


571 kills


426 kills

SpiderOT 8th Anniversary!

Greetings SpiderOT players! We are glad to celebrate with the 8th Anniversary of SpiderOT in it's new era that we believe it develops faster than the older one, SpiderOT players were always the key to it's success and today they deserve some fun.

 How are we going to celebrate with the 8th Anniversary?

    • A special raid will be created with a chest at the end and those who participated will be able to open that chest while the top 10 most killers in the raid will receive extra rewards.
    • Pinata Dragon will be spawned every 2h and a teleport will be created leading to it's spawn, don't miss the loot!
    • During the celebration you will be able to teleport yourself to temple by saying !temple.
    • All PVP runes will be infinite.
    • Double loot rate.
    • You will not lose levels if you were killed by a player but you will still lose levels if you got killed by a monster.
    • Spiritual shielding price is now for 5 gold ingots while for free for legendaries.
    • Added a limited edition legendary scroll that gives 15 days of legendary time for only 6800 premium points!
    • If you finished your 5 daily tasks you are guaranteed to get an extra special reward.
    • Spider shop offers extra premium points for any donation made during the celebration.
    • Added spiritual shielding token and a special doll to be from the daily task rewards [not only for anniversary]
    • Spider Events will now give way better rewards [400 premium point per event] and a 2h of legendary time for CTF event.
    • Lottery rewards are way more better during the celebration.

The 8th Anniversary Celebration will start once we make a quick restart in-game, but the bonus premium points (20% extra points) and the limited edition legendary scroll are available starting from now.



Posted on: 2017-08-10 11:35:52
Patch #4

Greetings SpiderOT players! Patch 4 has revealed a secret mission that SpiderOT had that no one has even started and some other changes!

Patch 4 

SpiderOT had a secret mission that was added with the server reset but no one has searched enough to know how it starts so we had to improve/re-write it again.

So how it works? 

- Only one thing will get this mission started, and you need to find it by yourself.

- Once the mission starts you will automatically get a message in your local chat, you have to solve what's asked on local chat step by step until you get your reward.

What are the available commands?

When you start the mission say !mission to see all the available commands.

What is the reward?

We are not going to announce the reward, but it's way more better than your expectations.


NOTE: This mission is supposed to be hard and probably not everyone will get it solved, so don't expect to get any help from staff members considering your current progress in the mission.

Elderstone area is here!

We noticed the low leveling rate for those who are between 350k-400k, Elderstone is available now with 5 new monsters and 3 strong bosses that gives a valuable loot, Elderstone will solve the low leveling rate problem for 350k-400k and will also add 3 new bosses to your hunting list.

Some other changes.

 ♦ Increased the range of the aoe area of justice weapon ♦
♦ Increased the range of all deadly spells and uber range for knights ♦
♦ Added new currency [1 golden bar = 100 gold ingots]  ♦
♦ Changed the uber spell for druids ♦
♦ Increased the healing of mana runes ♦
♦ Decreased the exhaust on pally rune plus increased the healing of mana aswell ♦
♦ Freeze rune is back but can only be created by druids for 15 soul tokens and can be casted by everyone ♦
♦ Added new mounts to Mr Beast ♦
♦ Increased death runes/energy soil drop rate ♦



Posted on: 2017-07-10 07:12:52
Patch #3

Greetings SpiderOT players! In this patch we focused on general fixes and balances.

Patch 3 changes

  • Added Deeplings/Dustwallows to VIP area.
  • Increased justice weapons range for knights.
  • Balanced the new bosses, increased their loot and EXP.
  • Druids exhaust while using sio/gran mas has been fixed.
  • Increased daily task rewards and added 1 vip token to the rewards.
  • Autolooter message has been removed from local chat and staff messages moved to local chat.
  • Spider king sells the ability to turn off the PVP on your character for 1 week (Green skull will appear on your char) and price depends on your level stage.
  • Bless price is increased to 1 ingot while spiritual bless has increased to 30 ingots and 15 for legendaries.


Posted on: 2017-06-16 00:12:52
Patch #2

Greetings SpiderOT players! In this patch we focused on improving the current Event scripts, re-balancing the weapons and few more changes.

Patch 2 changes

  • Improved scripts for all Events and revamped CTF/Top fragger events map.
  • Increased CTF reward to 30 mins legendary time.
  • Decreased all weapons output damage.
  • Removed all the doors in the hunting area.
  • Backpack won't be dropped under any situation (no aol,rs or bs).
  • Added reputation system, whenever a staff member will find you helping in the help channel, you will gain a +1 reputation, After a certain amount of reputations you will be able to access a new chat for "helpers" where you can mute/jail players who break the rules by simply taking the votes of all online helpers, if all agreed the action will be taken, Players that gains negative reputations will have higher cooldown on help channel, we will start adding/removing reputations in 1-2 days and more info on that system will be announced.
  • Replaced the slow attacking mode in justice weapons with AOE damage .
  • Increased power shot cost to be 5 gems while the AOE power shot will be 3 gems.
  • Houses will be taken automatically from those who are inactive for 1 month.
  • You can now walk around Ogres mountain, without the need to get upstairs.


Posted on: 2017-06-01 00:12:52
Patch #1

Greetings SpiderOT players! We've been watching how is everything going and we noticed that the majority of players are interested in sorcerer more than any other vocation, So we had to balance vocations and we also added some more changes.

  • Increased Knight/Pally healing to 1.2%.
  • Increased Ogres EXP by 400%
  • Pally can make critical hits now (1.5x damage).
  • Balanced the required number of monsters needed to finish your daily tasks.
  • We changed exura sio/exura gran mas res and made them very effective to be used for druids.
  • We increased the uber spell range for druids.
  • Balanced weapons in all stages.
  • Increased bonus party EXP to 15% instead of 5%.
  • Exori hur spell (150k one) has now extra damage on last 6 tiles instead of 3 tiles only.

We have also refunded the first 20% of the points for those who donated in the last year by the ratio we have mentioned before.


Posted on: 2017-05-25 05:41:52
Let's go!

Let's go!

Greeting SpiderOT players! Server is ready to be welcomed with your entry, but before that we would like to mention some few more changes.

Donation Refunding.
Since you weren't satisfied with the period we chose, we will add another 6 months but you will be refunded by 50% of your points in that period, so the total refund will be for the last year.
First 6 month = 100% refund
Second 6 month = 50% refund

Points will be given by 20% weekly, starting from next week.

Few more things were added.

  • Free spell at 150k level "exevo vis/pox/flame/mas hur"
  • !exp monster, This command tells you how many monster [of your choice] left to advance to next K in level.
  • Lowered the price of outfit doll/blessed amulet in the shop.
  • Death runes can be looted now from:

    Banshee,blightwalker,destroyer,frozen troll,hellspawn,kongra,sniper,braindeath,brumstone bug,draptor,shaburak demon,shaburak lord and shaburak prince.

Best 10 hunters reward.

We will reward the first 10 players to reach 200,000 with 2 days of legendary time.

We didn't delete any account so all you have to do is to re-create your character by logging in on your account.

Downlaod new client from here

Time to hunt!

Posted on: 2017-05-19 12:22:34
Let's start a new journey!

Greeting SpiderOT players! As we have mentioned our priority wasn't just a reset but changing the gamestyle, We do admit that depending on donation castles/houses as a forever source to leveling up has ruined the game and brought boredom.
Donation castles/house are permanently removed and leveling up should be more fun now, We have worked on monsters exp/loot to be suitable for all hunting stages, So what have we changed?

We have added new set/weapon for each stage.

  • Dragon Scale set as 200k~ loot.
  • Tunic set as 300k~ loot.
  • Guard of pride set as 400k~ loot.
  • Glooth weapons as 100k~ loot.
  • Trinity weapons as 300k~ loot.

These new weapons/sets can be sold to the NPC for a decent amount of MC/GI.

How powerful are these new sets?

  • Dragon scale set is almost same as the donation set
  • Tunic set is between the donation set and ultimate donation set.
  • Guard of pride set is almost same as ultimate donation set
  • Prismatic set is stronger than guard of pride set
  • Gaz'Haragoth set is stronger than prismatic set [Looted from Gaz'Haragoth boss]

These new sets gives the chance to everyone to have almost the same power, either by donating or looting, The best set in game is Gaz'Haragoth Set, that's not even in the shop!

Daily mission system.

  • To break the daily boredom, we have added 5 daily tasks and each task you finish, you will be rewarded.
  • The daily tasks scale in difficulity, starting by easy task and ending with the hardest one, each task has it's own reward and this reward is variable so you have the a chance to win very rare items from the daily task system!
  • To start your daily task, talk with NPC Richard at second floor of temple.

Loot Collector/Legendary Medal has been added to the shop.

What is the loot collector?

After we managed to re-work all monsters loot we have thought about easing the way of collecting loot, This item automatically collect up to 5 items of your choice, We all know that collecting the crystal coins from monsters will be really profitable, but more tiring, This item should solve the problem!

What is the legendary medal?

  • Legendary Medal is just an extension to the VIP scroll, It's gives 4X EXP [Double VIP Scroll]
  • loot collecting option.
  • Set a unique nickname with the color you want instead of a fixed word that shows up from your character as in normal vip.
  • Double skill rate

More Changes.

  •  We have changed the damage/soul points of vocation guild runes.
  • Permanently removed drunk/freeze runes.
  • Added 2 new quests for gold ingot.
  • Added demon lord ring that can be looted from gnomevil and it's pretty close to ultimate donation ring.

About Donation Refunding,

For those who donated in the last 6 month, will be refunded 100% of the points donated.

Points will be refunded by 25% weekly, starting from the next week!

We do believe that alot of SpiderOT players accomplished a lot of achievements, and you will lose all of this, but reseting and improving the gameplay was our only option to break the boredom and bring the fun back, We wish you enjoy the new game style and apologize for such sudden decision!



Posted on: 2017-05-18 16:31:23
A new start!

Greetings SpiderOT players! Over the past few months server statue wasn't satisfying for all of us, and decaying number of active players makes it even more worse, Spider staff and even players were all always proud of playing in a stable server for 8 straight years without a single reset, but on the other hand that also brought boredom!

A new start with a new game style is the best decision to bring the fun back, We believe that not everyone will be happy with our decision now, but later they will realize that no other decision would bring the fun back to SpiderOT

Our main priority is to change the game style and developing the server by monthly/weekly patches depending on the server/players needs, The major update way of developing the server isn't anymore in our plan, We aren't saying that the major updates were the reason, but the sudden changes in the entire game at once didn't really satisfy everyone.

We also didn't forget those who donated for keeping server alive in the time they were seeing the decaying number of players daily, We will totally refund them their points.

We are also rewarding the first 10 players to reach x(to be decided) level first!

Keep checking the timer and get ready for the new start!


Posted on: 2017-05-17 12:11:57
Double EXP and More!!

Greeting spider loyal players, SpiderStaff has noticed the lack of action around temple lately due to some minor PVP problems that took the fun out of the server, We managed to do some slight changes that may balance things back again, In addition to that we added double EXP for 5 days , gave you the protection from losing EXP [during pvp only] for the next 3 days and 30% discount on VIP medal for 5 days aswell.

Indeed we didn't forget your PVP supplies, stay online to participate in PVP package lottery!

Time to fight!

Posted on: 2017-02-24 19:17:49
The Much Anticipated Update

The update you've long been waiting for (thank you for your continued patience!) has finally arrived and it has a lot in store for you! We've added a ton of new quests, activities, items, and more!

First you need to download our new client from >--here<--


-- New Content --


- Outfits -

  • Added new outfits in the outfitter.
  • Added new quest outfits.
  • Added new monster looktypes to the Outfit Doll and Mr. Beast.
  • Some bosses will drop items that will turn players into specific outfits.


- Quests -

  • Added Imperial Set quest.
  • Added Icicle Rune quest.
  • Added Ferumbras Weapons quest.
  • Added a task for Anti-Drunk Rune.


- Events -

  • Added Apocalypse Zombies.
  • Added Fast Finger.
  • Added Snowball.


- Hunt Areas -

  • Added Gnomvia.
  • Added The Glacier mountain.
  • Added The Silent Forest.
  • Added Orges Camp.


- Towns -

  • Added Goldhaven.
  • Added The Wasteland.


- New Items & Changes -

  • Added new donation items
  • Added Gold, Silver, and Bronze tokens to be turned into Creighton.
  • New mount items.
  • New items added to legend shopper.
  • Decreased attack speed of Death Stick by 100 ms.
  • VIPs must now be in the player's arrow slot to be used.
  • Improved the Outfit Doll's action window.
  • Changed the sprite of the Magic Coin for better aesthetics.


- Others -

  • New command !outfits.
  • New custom client with a lot of features.
  • Achievement System.


- Monsters -

  • Over 35 new monsters
  • 8 New boss


-- Bug Fixes --

  • Fixed a map error in VIP quest that allowed players to skip bosses.
  • Fixed a bug in Hell Demon quest that allowed players to block the boss spawn.
  • Fixed a bug where some houses couldn't be purchased.
  • Added an exit teleport for Dustwallow spawn.


-- Other Server Changes --

  • Changed movement of characters.
  • Changed the speed of characters to be more dependent on level.
  • Lottery prizes were modified to give better prizes.
  • Events have been modified to give better prizes.
  • Special bosses will appear in different locations of the map during world events.
  • NPCs now have trade windows.
  • Added a new bless (Spiritual Shielding) that decreases experience loss by 100%.
  • Added new mounts (including VIP-only mounts).
  • Updated VIP area.
  • All quests are now non-PVP.
  • Removed skill limit on all skills.
  • Increased healing for Knights and Paladins by 20%
  • GMseller now buy some creature products


for any bug report or question don't hesitate to contact any of our staff or email us at

Or you can join our live chat on discord >--here<--
Posted on: 2016-11-06 06:57:00